Pickled carrots and onion

I’ve noticed that I got bored of the usual (and very much available all the time) pickled papaya that we put on the table every time we have fried or grilled meat/fish for dinner. Acharra (the pickled almost ripe papaya with bell pepper and pineapples) are usually made during big gatherings for parties and such. That’s because Filipinos often serve lechon (slow roasted whole pig over charcoal) and oily dishes in these occasions, so a bit of palate cleanser is needed. the acharra helps. You can’t really spot a health buff in this type of gatherings because everyone enjoys the food so much they usually forget they have either arthritis or heart problems. Their usual excuse, “I only eat these kind of food sometimes.” It’s not a bad thing (unless they suddenly collapse and die). This is a norm for Filipinos specially in the rural areas. During special occasions ( birthdays, weddings) we love our food oily, savory and in abundance.

Since I’ve decreased my attendance rate at gathering like that, it’s no longer an issue for me. Back to the pickles, I have recently decided that unless the papaya is cooked as the main vegetable for chicken soup then I won’t eat it.

So as I was saying, the pickles, I still like pickles and I wasn’t ready to give it up just because I don’t like what we have at home. So I made this one instead, carrots and onion pickle relish.

I made this as a partner for last post’s Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich but I never got into using it. I didn’t need it at that time. Thankfully, this one can be stored in the refrigerator for future use.

pickled carrots and onion

Pickled carrots and onion

1 cup sliced carrots
1/2 cup sliced red onion (or combine with white onion)

3/4 cup cane vinegar (use more or less)
1 1/4 cups white fine sugar (use more or less)
1 tbsp minced ginger

pinch of cayenne

Place carrots, onion, ginger vinegar and sugar in a shallow clean saucepan, over very low heat whisk the liquid until sugar is dissolved. Turn off heat. Adjust sweetness or sourness according to your taste. I prefer mine to be on the sweeter side. Add cayenne. Allow to cool.
Transfer in a very clean, and dry jar with a tight lid.

The cayenne and ginger will give this a bit of kick. Add more if you want it spicier.

Author: Cath

I love to eat but I love cooking even more. I wasn't exposed to a wide variety of food growing up and I wasn't invited or asked to help in the kitchen either HOWEVER my desire to eat a satisfying meal urged me to learn how to prepare and cook.

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