Pulled Pork Barbecue Sandwich

Happy 100th!
Happy 100th!

I wasn’t expecting it to be this soon. Just weeks ago I was in a state of panic and excitement about what I should be doing for this blog’s 100th post. Recipes and ideas are written down all over my desk in a multitude of colourful cheap post-its and expensive notepad. Now that it has come to this I realized I’ve completely forgotten about it until I noticed that the Cacio e Pepe entry was my 99th post. I’ve already gone to the grocery and I didn’t pay attention to what I was dropping in the cart. I’m not stumped, its just that I’m short of options. I could probably go with a simple lunch or breakfast (or both) or maybe a snack cum dessert.

This morning when I woke up I suddenly had a realization, I was over thinking. How could I not have thought about it? All I have to do is make what I really want right now.
I want pulled pork sandwich.

Pulled Pork Sandwich w sliced cucumber
(Serves 2-4)

¼ kilo pork, pre-boiled* (preferably rib or shoulder part)
½ cup BBQ sauce (any barbecue sauce you prefer)

Barbecue sauce: (an approximation)
Recipe inspired by Tyler Florence
¼ cup Dijon mustard
¼ cup ketchup
1 cup packed brown sugar (use more or less)
1 tsp cayenne
3 tbsp Worcestershire
1 tbsp soy sauce

Sliced cucumber
Bread, to serve

*I have already pressure cooked the pork yesterday seasoned with salt, black pepper, crushed garlic and bay leaf. It is recommended that the pork should be very tender so it will be easier to pull apart.

Prep the ingredients. Pull the pork apart following its natural lines. Mix all the ingredients for the barbecue sauce and adjust according to your preferred taste. In a shallow pan, place the pulled pork and add enough water to cover the pork. This is just to re-heat it (since I cooked it yesterday). After the water has thinned a bit add at least ¼ cup of barbecue sauce into the pork. Stir to coat the meat keeping the heat on low. Once the sugar on the barbecue sauce has caramelized you would notice that the pork and sauce has thickened. Remove from heat once most of the sauce has thinned and thickened evenly.
I recommend hamburger buns or any type of crusty bread for this. I however have some wheat bread in hand so I used that.
Lay thin slices of cucumber on top of the bread, spoon the pulled pork barbecue over that layer of cucumber. Top with another slice of bread and enjoy. Serve with cold beer or very cold soda.

This is important, the barbecue sauce is what makes this thing good. So find a really good barbecue sauce that you like and use it. You may opt to make your own as I did. I sort of eyeballed the measurements as I cooked the pork but this is the closest I have. That’s why I mentioned to mix the sauce first then taste it and adjust accordingly. As I mentioned above this is a sudden idea. I promise I will make a better batch of barbecue sauce with precise measurements next time.

I love this, 100th post. Huh, more recipes to go!

** Unless I state otherwise most of the recipes in this blog serves at least 4 people.

Author: Cath

I love to eat but I love cooking even more. I wasn't exposed to a wide variety of food growing up and I wasn't invited or asked to help in the kitchen either HOWEVER my desire to eat a satisfying meal urged me to learn how to prepare and cook.

6 thoughts on “Pulled Pork Barbecue Sandwich”

    1. It’s my first time making this (well, I practiced then revised it for my own recipe) and I was like,”Why oh why have I been ignoring you pulled pork sandwich?”


    1. Hi Monique,

      First of all, thank you for stopping by and for taking time to write a comment. It’s so sweet of you. I do appreciate it because I work really hard to take good pictures.


    1. You just gave me a good idea. Once I, at least master my messy “I wanna eat this I wanna that” mentality, I’ll start offering recipes that caters to people with food allergies (me: allergic to pineapple and citrus) and such.

      Thanks for visiting.

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