Are you a morning person?

If I were to answer truthfully. I’d say NO. However,I’d love to be one.
I love staying up all night. Doing what depends solely on whatever catches my fancy. As far back as I recall this all started in high school. It was a chilly Sunday night, Batman was on TV and I was hooked. Both on Batman and the staying up late. This went on and on until I finished college. It helped a lot during exams period. I never failed a test. I never slept through a study session. Yeah, I know it’s a bad habit. God knows how terrible it was keeping myself awake for my 11 am classes.Now, that was nightmare.

The nice thing about me is that it’s so easy to switch from being a nocturnal owl to a sunrise loving poppy flower.
Although, I still prefer working nights, when I think I’d have to be awake real early I make myself a good substantial breakfast.

oatmeal chaporado

Oatmeal Champorado

Dissolve 2 rounds of tablea into 2 cups water. Cook over low heat until thick, add 1/2 cup of oatmeal. Stir until oatmeal is cooked. Turn off heat and transfer to a bowl. Drizzle with sweetened condensed milk. Enjoy.

egg in a whole with extras

French Toast Egg drops


3 pcs bread
2 eggs
1 tbsp butter
1 cup fresh milk
handful of fishballs
cheese shavings

1. Whisk one egg in a deep bowl together with one cup milk. Meanwhile, place every ingredient as close to the stove as possible. Cut a whole in one of the bread’s center with a cookie cutter. Melt the butter in a non stick frying pan over low heat.

2. Soak a bread in the egg-milk mixture, coating evenly. Do not soak for more than 30 seconds the bread will get soggy. You don’t want that. Fry both sides, uncut breads first.

3. Before flipping the third bread with the hole in the center. Slowly drop one egg. Wait for the bottom to set. Be confident. Quickly flip the bread to cook the other side. Flip again onto a plate after a minute. Enjoy with sliced fried fish balls and shaved cheese on top.

Author: Cath

I love to eat but I love cooking even more. I wasn't exposed to a wide variety of food growing up and I wasn't invited or asked to help in the kitchen either HOWEVER my desire to eat a satisfying meal urged me to learn how to prepare and cook.

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