school days eh?


Most Filipino children grew up going to school with packed lunch or baon.
It ususally consists of friend chicken or pork or sometimes fish paired with steamed rice.Some parents buy a substantial amount of preseved meats such as tocino (cured pork cuts), chorizo, hotdogs or tapa (cured beef

I’ve had my share of these choices enough to last a lifetime. In most cases
I even cooked my own baon, no blames there, after all there really is not
much choice. So in commemoration of my school days here’s a baon I’ve givven a little more time to prepare just to show off.The fried egg that accompanied the octupos weiners are slightly burnt underneath that sets the yolk soft, almost well done, just as I prefer. The weiners looks uncooked but they are. I boiled them first after cutting half of it into four parts. This process allows the weiner’s shape to set then fry them slightly according to one’s doneness.

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